Gourdon - Eglise Saint Vincent

Church of Saint Vincent in Gourdon


The church of Saint Vincent de Gourdon was built in the 12th century under the impulse of the Counts of Provence. The building has been listed as a historical monument since 1931. Initially a chapel of the castle, it is in the Provençal Romanesque style, except for the bell tower built much later in front of the church, as well as the extension of the church’s NEF.

In 1617, the church of Saint Vincent was restored by the Lombards, at the same time as the castle.

In 1831, lightning struck the church during mass, killing 4 and injuring 5.

Inside, in a niche, dating from the 16th century, you can see the polychrome bust of Saint Vincent, patron saint of Gourdon. Today, the church of Gourdon has only one long nave, vaulted in the 17th century with a semicircular arch, made up of 3 bays ending in a semicircular apse of lesser width with a vaulted arch lower than that of the nave. Double arches separate the bays of the nave.

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How to go to the Chruch of Saint Vincent?

5 Rue de l’École, 06620 Gourdon