Exotic Garden of Eze


The Exotic garden of Eze is situated at the top of the famous perched village of Eze in the Provencal hills. It has been created on the site of an ancient fortress and has incredible views over the Cote d’Azur. The garden has been classified as a “Remarkable Garden”.

The Exotic Garden will delight both the garden lovers and the view spotters. Rocks and stones were hauled up the hillside by hand to create the terraces and structure of the future garden. Next cacti, aloes and agaves were carried up. Originally, it was a mix of young and mature plants. The garden even included a 130 year old crown of thorns weighing half a ton! With the help of the creator of the Exotic Garden of Monaco, the mayor of Eze created an exotic garden in the village of Eze on the site of a ruined fortress at the top of the village in 1949.  

Opening Hours

Lundi       – 9H00 à 18H30
Mardi       – 
9H00 à 18H30
Mercredi  – 
9H00 à 18H30
Jeudi        – 
9H00 à 18H30
Vendredi  – 
9H00 à 18H30
Samedi     – 
9H00 à 18H30
– 9H00 à 18H30


Ticket price: 6€

Ticket price for student: 3.5€

Ticket price for group: 3.5€

Ticket price for -12 years old: Gratuit


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How to go to the Exotic Garden?

20 Rue du Château, 06360 Èze