Distellerie Galimard - Source Parfumée - Gourdon

Galimard Distillery


The Galimard Distillery, also known as the Distillerie de la Source Parfumée, consists of the garden and the distillery.


The Parfumerie Galimard invites you to its Vieille Distillerie de la Source Parfumée. Here, the alpine flowers drawn from the heart of nature are processed and the finest essences grown in the garden are collected. You can visit the workshop of the perfumer free of charge to discover the manufacturing process of scented candles. These candles are decorated with natural flowers harvested in the flower fields of the garden nearby.


The garden cultivates the best essences of local know-how: lavender, orange, jasmine, thyme and rose… It is a real olfactory walk! Each season sees the blossoming of new fragrances, tended by hand, before going on to feed the artisanal production of perfumes and candles.

Opening Hours

Free Access to the garden

Access to the Distillery from 10am to 6pm




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How to go to the Galimard Distillery?

11 Rue Principale, 06620 Gourdon