Menton - Jardin Val Rahmeh

Val Rahmeh Botanical Garden


Garden lovers, stop by! If you are visiting Menton, the Val Rahmeh garden is well worth a visit!  You will see many species of plants, from kiwitier to elephant ears, banana trees, coffee trees, and magnificent lianas of Thunbergia laurifolia.

The Val Rahmeh garden is special in its exoticism. It presents a remarkable palette of plants from a wide geographical area between the northern and southern hemispheres, including subtropical and tropical regions. This exotic atmosphere is made possible by a microclimate particular to the Garavan district, the mildest in Menton.<!-more->

Historically, the Val Rahmeh garden was established by a family of the Menton nobility, the De Monléon. Lord Percy Radcliffe bought the estate in 1905 for himself and his wife Rahmeh, and turned it into an exotic landscape garden. In 1957, Miss May Bud Campbell (1900-1982), a wealthy and eccentric Englishwoman, bought the land before it was nationalised. With her training as a botanist, she continued to develop the species. Finally, the garden was entrusted to the National Museum of Natural History, which set up a species conservation programme there.

Finally, you will have the pleasure of having a picnic in the Pian Park of the city of Menton (Free). This park is full of olive trees under whose shade you can eat in peace. The photogenic nature of the place may even motivate you to take some pictures in this idyllic setting.

Opening Hours

From April to September: 

9.30am – 12.30am and 2pm – 6pm

From Octobre to March : 

9.30am – 12.30am and 2pm – 5pm

Closed on tuesdays, May 1st and December 25th


Full price : 7 €

Reduced price : 5 €

Audioguide : 1€

Extra fees of 5€ for guided tour


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Plan du jardin

Address of Val Rahmeh Garden and map

Avenue Saint-Jacques, 06500 Menton, Menton