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Antibes is a famous seaside resort located on the coast between Nice and Cannes. Once called Antipolis, “the city in front” by the Greeks, Antibes grew up in the shadow of its ramparts until they were levelled at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, the vestiges of past centuries have added character to the town centre. Tourists, who are numerous in the summer months, enjoy strolling through its old streets. 

Renowned for its gentle way of life with its mild, sunny climate all year round, this dynamic town has developed an undeniable appeal which it also owes to the beauty of its nature: fine sandy beaches, turquoise waters and umbrella pines; a postcard setting. 

With its 23 km of coastline, its nautical and maritime activities are important. At the Vauban port, stuck to the old town, you can admire its famous “billionaires’ quay”. Known for its dynamism, it was even elected in 2009 as the second most sportive city in France.

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