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One of the particularities of the church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption is that it has a square bell tower, and not a domed bell tower covered with tiles as in Nice or La Turbie. And this is because of the lightning! Initially there was this dome dear to the architect! In 1836, the parish priest finally judged the church tower (built between 1764 and 1778) “not very high and a bit dilapidated”. The renovation of the tiled dome was completed in 1844. But two years later in 1846, lightning struck the bell tower and blew away the tiled dome. Repairs were made, but in 1848 lightning struck the large wrought iron cross of the bell tower again, destroying the dome and part of the roof. It was then decided to make a square bell tower with a flat roof less prone to lightning strikes! But in 2010, the lightning nevertheless fell on it again, so be careful 😉 The second particularity of the church Notre Dame de l’Assomption is architectural. The church has a classical façade and a baroque interior. The ochre-coloured facade has a bull’s eye (oeil de boeuf in French) and is neoclassical in style with double Greek pilasters. Finally, stop inside to admire the richly decorated ceilings, cornices and trompe l’oeil, as well as the side chapels. Don’t forget to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross, known as the Chapel of the White Penitents, further up the village. Built in 1306, the Penitents assisted the sick, especially those suffering from the Black Death which ravaged France in the 14th century. A pretty calade, a set of stones on the ground typical of the region, can still be seen there.

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